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We are a group of friends from different domains but we have something in common: "We love technology!".

APP64bits is a blog that allows people find information related to any mobile application (news, tutorials and the link to download it as well). This facilitates the search and navigation among the different pages on the web, so we provide you the links in our Official Sites Section to download the app according your platform (Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store, Amazon Store, etc) and if this is available or not.

Our Business Model

  • Subscriptions: When you are part of APP64bits (Sign Up), you are subscribed to our information section, so you will receive information about technology such as news, reviews, etc.
    Do not forget that you can manage your subscription in profile. Go to "Profile" -> "Change notifications" and you can select if you want receive only news, mention,s notification and private messages,s notifications.
  • Special Reviews: Some of our reviews and recomendations were paid. We also provide you in the "Official Sites Section" the links to download if you are interested or not about the application.(*)
    Note: We only have "Official Links" to download, for example from: Apple Store, Google Play, etc. We do not provide any ilegal or suspicious software.
  • Google Ads: We have google advertisement in our posts.

(*) For any question and service, please use the form contact and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Team APP64bits

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