Sony shows better quality with the new Xperia XZ

The Japanese company has demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress 2018 its wishes to innovate with the design of the Xperia models. This idea comes up to raise their sales. They presented the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 compact, these two new models are looking to impulse the brand again. The Xperia XZ2 is born to occupy the place of its predecessor, this model has a better hardware, also its design presents a big chance, you can say that it... see more »

Galaxy S9, all you must know about this device

As it can be expected, the new Galaxy S9 device is the competition to the iPhone X, although at first look, this product can be a little like its previous model; however, it comes with a lot of improvements for camera, connectivity and performance. This new Galaxy comes with two models, which are the Galaxy S9 and S9-plus. These new smartphones have little design changes, but an incredible performance. On this new model, the fingerprint... see more »

Office 2019 will be available exclusively for Windows 10

Office 2019 will be available exclusively for Windows 10 Office is one of the program packages that are mostly used by Windows equipment users. However, this affirmation could possibly change completely in this year. If you want to know the reasons why the vast majority of Windows computers and devices users will less use Office, keep reading. Recently, Windows informed on their official blog that the Office 2019 packagewill only be used by ... see more »

Book my show

Going Live! BMShow The popular company of BookMyShow of ticketing entertainment sales, is cooking something new and better for the upcoming months of their business. This new take has relation to movie shares; the team is considering reducing their share of films down to an approximate third of their whole calculated revenues. Why? A 5 year gap of projection is showing them a necessity of expansion to other related fields – without livin... see more »

The new HP innovation tech

HP innovation tech Breaking news! Well, not really. But affirmative, this is a key piece of information that it great to have in mind, HP Inc has claimed today May the 31th, that they will focus not only on printer technology but also in the development of articles for the upcoming changes in global culture and society. Taking a big and criticizing look on how the socioeconomic movements are going now, HP does not want to stay behind and ju... see more »

Electrical india

Electric cars for India! Welcome to the year 2032, even though we are not actually there yet, or even close (15 years further is not anywhere close), here we will talk you about a world where gas pollution is not a thing anymore, almost eradicated of most the planet you won’t encounter so many vehicles that move around with the power of old damaging combustion. In this earth you can find the result of a broad replacement done by China a... see more »

Facebook framed with reason

United Kingdom is experimenting a period of uncertainty, a recession of some sorts is going on at many fields, ones are more preoccupant than others of course, but none of them cannot be ignored. People are tense, and business even more… everyone is thinking of a plan B and even C regarding of what other events could happen that will break the chains of unknown data and then open controversy. Companies of universal conquest and work are als... see more »

Facebook! Tv?

Not actual news, the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook wants to expand as much as it can and as far as possible in order to dominate the market, of social media and entertainment it seems. Summing video to their whole service is one of the main current focus of Facebook along with virtual reality and… a lot of different things, the company has grown ambitious and hesitant to put more than just fame to their history, since many other comp... see more »

From Space suit to satellite

Have you ever heard of the Suitsat? As clear as it sounds, a satellite that is a suit. More specifically, one spacesuit! This is a result of some trials occurred in 2006, when the Orlan MK spacesuit was applied for other kind of tests and activities rather than just the original purpose; because the suit was already damaged and couldn’t keep being used as regularly, so this was done with the idea of finding other uses for space trash rather... see more »

The SolarStrakos

The Real energy Popular characters of comic books franchises such as DC share a common mythology detail, a rule that states the power of flying they have (some of them) is given thanks to the power of the sun; turns out that idea might not be such an imaginative matter but based on real life actually. How so? Well, the late discovery of how powerful sunlight really is didn’t come as a big surprise for the ignorance of humanity, but it... see more »

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Pinterest - Download

Discover a world of creativity Holds a feel more familiar to a mobile application than social network, but as many others that was changed with time easily; it is describes as a photo sharing website-network, a sea of ideas with categorization and original content with high levels of variation through the inspiration of others like you. Pass on to registration, become a user and upload your “pins” (the name for everything that goes up to t... see more »

Instagram - Download

Make of instants publicity for your brand Being the most downloaded app of the photo-sharing category, Instagram took a slice of the marketing cake and became main media for business to show their proposition of value, product placement, and personality. Human resources probably exclaimed hurray! When the company had the great idea of conforming “Instagram for business”, so everyone can be official about it. In that area, contents nee... see more »

Roblox - Download

Accept the challenge of creating We all want a challenge, even from young age there’s the expectation of facing a task that’s “too big for us” and all the obstacles that comes with difficulty are factors of excitement rather than fear. Cowardice and courage is a two side coin while growing up, and in order to risk a bit more we need a fountain of inspiration; activities that help us make use of that creativity in us to develop ideas, soluti... see more »

Minecraft - Download

The main purpose of this release is to survive the night. To achieve this you will have at your disposal a lot of materials and raw materials with which to develop and create what you need to build your shelter in this game. Most of the features of the PC edition remain intact in the mobile application. After you download and play this game, you can see that includes limited maps that are randomly generated, so you can try different worlds.... see more »

Hay Day - Download

Hay Day is a game that causes enough sympathy among the users since faces the task of building a farm and get away from a stressed city to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country side life. To achieve this you must follow all the steps to create your own farm and raise the best animals that have nothing to envy of your neighbors. But you can not only boast harvest but you can also sell everything you produce and earn money with which you ... see more »

Kakao Talk - Download

Kakao Talk is a communication application dedicated to chat, send messages and multimedia files, and make free voice calls through your internet connection. This application is available for the Android operative system and is similar to WhatsApp and through it you can chat with your friends, individually or in groups, but which also you can enjoy a service of voice over like Viber for the Android operative system, and a way for send and rece... see more »

WeChat - Download

WeChat it is a new communication platform for the smartphones developed in China, which already has more than 300 million users worldwide and allows texting, short videos, voice memos, the position on the map and the making of video calls of high resolution among the contacts who have installed the application. WeChat, is an application with large presence in Asia and serves for much more than to send messages. Through it can be ordered ta... see more »

Line - Download

Line is a messaging application for mobile devices that enables the communication through the text messages, the video calls and the voice calls for free using a WiFi connection or 3G / 4G mobile phone networks. The novelty of Line is introducing the use of the stickers or the stickers chat conversations; it has functions of video recording, sending photos and the location data of the user, etc. With Line works so it can be kept the text c... see more »

Imo - Download

Imo is an application that offers in its latest messaging the typical features for the mobile phones within a revamped interface. It has chat options, voice calls and video calls over the Internet, which becomes completely free when it is used through a wireless network. This application is designed specially to make video calls, video conferences, fluid communication messages, a combination of platforms between WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype... see more »

Dragon City - Download

Dragon City is a popular game originally developed for Facebook that is also available as a mobile app to play anytime and anywhere. Dragon City's main mission is to breed dragons, feed them and turn them into formidable fighters. With this goal you have an obligation to create a habitat with the necessary conditions for their development and grow food on the island to belong to you to be the master. To the extent that these magical creatur... see more »

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Book my show

Going Live! BMShow The popular company of BookMyShow of ticketing entertainment sales, is cooking something new and better for the upcoming months of their business. This new take has relation to movie shares; the team is considering reducing their share of films down to an approximate third of their whole calculated revenues. Why? A 5 year gap of projection is showing them a necessity of expansion to other related fields – without livin... see more »

Samsung S8 review

Haven’t you noticed? Samsung is bringing up their fix-new smart phone Galaxy S8 as the greatest comeback possible, this in order to amend the horrendous mistake of last year and to take several steps further into the competition ring. Let’s start by having a short insight into what Samsung is really offering us now. A screen that comes with a bigger size! The OLED with HD quality is none other but a great improvement for the Galaxy. The ... see more »

Meet Exif, a way out of copyright issues

A way out of copyright issues Time to stop unknown people and acquaintances from stealing your original visual content, your photos are precious and they require safety in order to keep that copyright value you must find the right way, through certain tools we can achieve that sort of control. We all are familiar with image piracy since it has always been a major problem over the internet's table, a designated seat as one of the destruct... see more »

The ultrasonic dryer

Vibrations are the new heat Having to do laundry once a week can be tiresome, according to your routine and activities the quantity of dirty clothes you pile up through the week then the cleaning process (with a washing machine or not) is honestly kind of annoying, but ultimately a necessary activity for the whole ordeal of living in society. It doesn’t matter how long it can be, we need to apply a certain amount of time to do this, but ... see more »

Cover finances - App

Have you ever heard of Coverfy? It’s a new application for the smartphone platform that allows you to keep a keen organizational system of all your insurance files in just one place. If you sum up all those moments where you couldn’t find that file or documents you needed for some serious money business coming, and you grew desperate putting your room, office, or even the house upside down, you probably will get a fair amount of time th... see more »

Customize your Android with creative images of Wallrox Wallpapers app

The wallpapers are a tool to attending all the Smartphone users to customize the display of their equipment. Most often they used photos taken by them and used as main topics the family, love or any image that helps them express a hobby, but for those who are bored with these conventional forms of themes wallpapers it has arrived the application Wallrox Wallpapers. The Wallrox Wallpapers app is presented as an excellent alternative for the ... see more »

What is Snapseed?

What is Snapseed? Snapseed is the most famous photo editing application of iOS and about a year ago came to Android. It is an application with enough prestige, awarded with a prize for the best iPad app of 2012. With Snapseed we can edit photos very easily and get a result that could be described as professional. How does it work?</h3> Upon opening Snapsee it may prove to be a little overwhelming because of the amount of options and numerous ... see more »

What is Google Keep?

What is Google Keep? Google now brings Google Keep, a new application that has filled users in forums and blogs with enthusiasm in recent days. Google Keep is an application that is ultimately for taking notes. Its biggest competitor is Evernote, but Google Keep still manages to make a decent stand against the note-taking giant. How does it work? Google Keep maintains a minimalist approach, which can be seen in its graphical presentation and... see more »

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Arrow Launcher manage your favorite applications in one place

Arrow Launcher is an application designed to gather the applications you use most of a user, in addition to the regular contacts and lets you see at the same time the pictures, downloads and missed calls in the application. Arrow facilitates all in the same menu and lets you sort everything in your way, or even hide what you do not want to see. It has its own dock, which can be extended by sliding upward to show more applications and quick adj... see more »

How to uninstall apps at IOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Phone?

Nowadays, the use of smartphones and apps that promises to simplify people’s life has turned into something essential. Because of that, new apps are submitted to the app market into different categories, apps that users can access only by choosing to download them. In the same way, many times, maybe because of excess of apps in your memory card or just because you didn’t enjoy the app, you may want to uninstall it. In the next paragraphs, w... see more »

Dubsmash - Install

Today, we will explain how to download, install and use Dubsmash, a very funny app for Android and IOS that will allow you to create videos dubbing famous speeches, songs, etc. First, you have to go to Google Play Store if you have Android or to Apple Store if you have iOS and write "Dubsmash" in the search form. You will find Dubsmash in the first position. Tap the install button and automatically Dubsmash will be installed in your device.... see more »

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